The different ways in which ads works

This is a great post about the many different roles advertising plays for businesses – from positive association to persuasion and social imprinting.

Well worth 10 minutes of your time.


The point of advertising

At a time when the ad world is congratulating itself in Cannes, it’s worth remind ourselves what’s really important and why marketing exists as a function.

I saw the below in a  JWT planning document from 1974.

It was true then. It is true now.

The point of advertising

Narrow Vs Wide targetting

Saw this as part of an article in Monocle’s “Forecast” and thought there was a lot that could be applied to marketing as well.

We are in an age where we know more and more about our target audience and can refine our message to those audience but are we doing so at the risk of losing some of the “social momentum” and impact that a wider message can have?

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