Top5 Xmas cheers

As it is Xmas, I thought I would do a top5 Xmas songs

Kicking us off at #5 is an old school song

In at #4 is a rock-y little number

Number 3 is a charitable record that engaged everyone in a cause that had been (until then) ignored.  BTW, only the original version is good – the remake is a pile of crap!

At 2 a slightly less traditional song

Top of the table is a song that takes me back to my childhood


5 sites to visit this week

Here are 5 sites that I’ve been visiting this week

– For videos – Devour

– For stress release – Sabotage Times

– For some business thinking – Seth’s Blog

– For opinion pieces on current affairs – Comment is Free

– For the latest tech new – Mashable

Remebering the 80s

I was watching The Vault TV channel earlier this week and saw a video that took me back to my childhood, so I thought I would try to dig out some unsung songs of the 80s that I remember recording onto a Betamax tape!

5. Alphaville – Big in Japan

Loved the song

4. Modern Talking – You’re my heart, you’re my soul

I know, I know… it’s embarrassing but it was my mum’s influence – she loved them

3. Robin Gibb – Boys do fall in love

2. Ashford & Simpson – Solid

1. Phil Oakley – Together in electric dreams

Classic 80s track that doesn’t get enough airplay if you ask me

Video channels/sites to follow

I thought I would share with you some great YouTube channels that I highly recommend you follow.

Make yourself a great cook – Waitrose

Morality and Justice – Michael Sandel

Ideas worth spreading – TEDTalks

Animated books – RSA Animate


Every week I will try to share with your some blogs, sites etc that I think are interesting – hopefully you’ll feel the same way too.

The sad demise of old heroes

It was with a hint sadness that I saw and heard about Guns ‘n’ Roses’ live shows in Leeds/Reading where they got cut off due to council laws after coming on stage over 1 hr late.  Then, only yesterday in Dublin, it appears that Axl was none too happy at the reception he received from the fans (again after going on stage late). But, honestly, what does he expect when he treats the paying public with disdain?  People have paid their money and if they’re not getting what they expect then they’ll let you know (it’s the same in any walk of life).

Here is the video from last night – some of the background commentary (and the first excuse from the promoters) is quite amusing.

GnR were one of my favourite bands in the 90s, the Use Your Illusion albums were an amazing audio feast when they came out.

But to look at what they’ve done since, you get the feeling that they’ve lost touch with reality and what the world is now and how it operates – there is no longer the angst movement that there was then to break away from the norm.

They simply appear to be old men trying to rekindle a dying career (and doing a piss poor job of it).

Still, reading the stuff they got up to in their heyday makes for an ‘interesting’ read as Slash’s and Motley Crue’s books will attest.  Those were different times indeed.

So, in memory of glory days, here are my 5 favourite GnR songs:

  1. November Rain
  2. Sweet Child o’ Mine
  3. Patience
  4. Used to Love Her
  5. Paradise City

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