The different ways in which ads works

This is a great post about the many different roles advertising plays for businesses – from positive association to persuasion and social imprinting.

Well worth 10 minutes of your time.


My Music in May

It’s that time of the month again!

Cam’ron – Hey Ma

Dana Falconberry – Lake Charlevoix

Ana Moura – Desfado

Way Yes – Walkability

The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio

Daft Punk – Get Lucky

Decades – Tonight Again

Phoenix – Entertainment

Eric Church – Drink in my hand

Loveable Rogues – Love sick

I am 1!

It’s my birthday – yeah!!!

I turned 1 today.  Since then I have:

  • Written 173 posts (some good, some bad, some long, some short)
  • Had 4,801 visitors to the blog
  • Got 134 comments on my posts
  • On my busiest day I had 109 visits

Thanks all, love ya!

Now’s the time to get going

So the first six months of the year are gone.  How have I fared with my resolutions from the start of the year.

  • Blog once a week (at least) – July has been an embarrassing month for me… say no more
  • Tweet once a day (at least) – This one is coming along nicely.
  • Become more patient with the kids (if they let me) – Doing pretty well here – kids are behaving better, being less demanding and playing better with each other so this is happening with little effort from me
  • Make a concerted effort to reduce on the swearing – I think I’m doing pretty well
  • Film more family memories – I’ve been filming a lot more and taking photos of stuff we do so the 2011 family album should be decent
  • Get eldest riding a bike without stabilisers –he has refused to get on it since I took out the stabilisers so not sure how this is going to go
  • Go camping at least twice (now once) – done and such a success I may try to do it again and achieve my original target
  • Organise a reunion with friends from Portugal who I have not seen for 20 years –Managed to do this in May 
  • Become mayor of somewhere on Foursquare (my own home or workplace not included) – I’m currently Mayor of 25 non-home/work related places.  These include cafes, supermarkets, shops and a beach
  • Get to Wii Fit age of 37 – last measurement was 41 but this was taken in April!!! Not good enough really
  • De-clutter the house – House de-cluttering is done.  Conversely, the garage is cluttering nicely.
  • Sell something at a car boot sale – Actually did 3 to get rid of all the stuff
  • Move house – house on the market, just waiting for the right buyer
  • Get on a Segway (easy one as a ride on one was a Xmas present, but still valid I think) – Done in February
  • (NEW) Take kids swimming on a regular basis – Need to start this up again.  We did try martial arts in July but that was a huge fail
  • (NEW) Read a book a month – I’m just finishing a book by  Derek Sivers  and then I aim to move to a marketing/advertising related book – though I’m not sure which.  And that’s my main problem, too much choice on the book front
  • (NEW) – Limit myself to a maximum of two coffees per day – I’m achieving this, apart from when my mum comes over when my consumption rises.

To auto-tweet, or not to auto-tweet? Where do you stand?

The North Blog recently posted an entry about Guy Kawasaki‘s conduct and approach to Twitter and Facebook.

Whilst I appreciate Guy’s reasons for doing it – he wants to cut through the clutter and ensure people in different time zones get to see his posts and he gets more followers.  I get it, I really do. And it seems to work for him.

However, I don’t believe in it.  I don’t believe in it for a few reasons:

  1. Social is about being ‘real’ – whilst I don’t doubt that his tweets are genuine, there is an assumption that if you tweet you are there and ready for a ‘conversation’ (isn’t that the point of social media?).
  2. If your followers truly value your tweets, they will seek them.  You don’t need to pester them.
  3. You’re just adding to the clutter you are trying to avoid.
What’s your view?  Do you use automated tweets?  If you do, how and why do you use them?

Coming to an app store near you

That’s right… this blog is about to become an APP. And yours can too with this site I found – appsbar.  You can create a variety of apps for free which they will the put onto the appropriate app store (iOS or Android).

The thought of having my own app sounds kind of cool, but it is also what this is potentially opening up small business who do not have the contacts/budget to spend on creating a high end app with bells as whistles.

Anyway, we will see what comes of it and I shall let you know when the official launch date is and some exclusive invites to get it!

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