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shift-andhra-govt-offices-immediatelyThis page was “inspired” by a podcast I heard between Derek Sivers and Tim Ferriss.  Apparently it’s a movement too.

It’s all about what’s going on at the moment, so here goes:

[W/e 10th June 2016]

  1. We’re changing the way we plan to half yearly, meaning there is a shedload of work to organise different depts into this way of thinking
  2. Working with my team who are leading on lots of big important briefs that will change and shape the way we do things going forward.  So we’re changing things from the top down, but also bottom up. And soon, the two shall meet 🙂
  3. Just back off a 2-day training session on “Inspirational Leadership through Change”; all about how we keep things trucking along at a time of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (aka VUCA).  It covered some ground that I’d seen in previous session but brought in the added dimension of time and other people’s reactions through the Change Curve (a couple of images below)

2016-06-08 11.18.32 2016-06-08 15.40.25



[W/e 2nd January 2017]

  1. Finalising phased budgets for the year rather than Qtr by Qtr to avoid a ‘hand to mouth’ existence
  2. Working on game plans for the different business areas; looking at not just optimising what we do, but also what is our 10x (i.e. what are the things that will make significant changes to how we do things)
  3. Defining some new ways of working and processes to drive better integration across teams in the department but also with the wider business.

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