Outdoor Ads I like


Rock on
Rock on

Great involvement idea
Economist tube ad – about where you stand in an argument
Lovely idea – delivered in a delicious cake
You don’t want to see what they put there the following week
It’s not big, but it is funny – and very, very clever!
I’ll put my money on black!
For every colour of the sky
Imagination by Hot Wheels
Should’ve gone to Specsavers
Karate Chop
Nike football – big hit
It’s magic!
Tit for Tat
What’s your point of view?
It’s time to rebuild
Can you see them?
Messy messy
Sharp and edgy
Blow me over
Naughty but nice
I’m watching you
Enlightened thinking
Uhm… interesting
Using the medium as the message
Silky smooth

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