Lovely piece of graphic design

Probably one of the simplest, cleanest and most brilliant ways I’ve seen of displaying digital presence

Web presence


3 thoughts on “Lovely piece of graphic design

  1. Disagree. It’s clever and nice once you figure it out, but only when the truck is parked.

    When the truck is moving it takes too much brainpower to interpret. Plus, it doesn’t say what they make – I thought it was a signwriting firm.

  2. Hey Steve, thanks for reading and for the comment. I suppose we’ll have to agree to disagree. if you’re seeing it then the likelihood is that you’re following it so not a huge amount of movement that would cause to not be able to compute what it is trying to tell you.

    Also my comment was on the clarity of showcasing their email, web address and twitter handle all in one simple way rather than have three (sort of) repetitive lines. I don’t think you can deny this is done in an elegant and much more interesting way that will not only get people’s attention but that they will also understand.

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