Hate the game not the player

David Simonds Starbucks 21.10.12Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll no doubt have heard the furore around certain companies not paying what is perceived to be the right amount of tax in the UK.

You can read some of the articles on this from marketing publications here and here.

The crux of the argument seems to central around the morality of making such obscene amounts of money from the tax paying public and then not paying tax themselves.  Whilst I understand that view, the reality is that what they are doing is legal and if we could all afford it, we would do it ourselves.

My view is don’t get pissed at those who abide by the rules, get pissed AT the rules.  If the government really wants these companies to pay tax, it would close these loopholes but it won’t because it gives people jobs and the alternative has such deeper and costlier effects.

So don’t hate blame the companies, blame the politicians.

PS: there is a HUGE amount of irony hearing politicians decry the ‘spirit’ of the law when a few years ago they were affirming their innocence in the expenses scandals where their actions were largely deemed to have been legal.
How much tax is paid by major US companies in the UK?



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