Squeaky Baum-time and marketing

Unless you’ve been living in another planet or in a remote spot in the arse end of the Amazon, you will have heard about the exploits of a certain Mr Baumgatner and Red Bull.

Last Sunday night I, and millions of others, watched in amazement as Felix jumped out of a capsule that was a hell of a long way up (128,100 feet which I have no idea how high up it is but because I live in England they’re still not very keen on the old metric system).

That evening and throughout this week I’ve seen many blogs, tweets etc etc extolling the virtues of this event and declaring it the Dawn of New Marketing.  Now, whilst I was impressed by the sheer size of the event, how it was executing and how daring it was, I can’t fully agree with that point of view.  I think it is simply to early to tell if this worked or not.

My issue is that I didn’t really see it as a Red Bull event. I saw it as a piece of brilliant human exploration – the moon landing of my time – but I’m no more inclined to buy it as a result.   Ultimately this is what this activity should be measured on.  Did, in the weeks following this activity, sales increase for Red Bull?  And if so by how much?  And once you understand that, you can assess it against the opportunity cost of not doing other, more ‘traditional’ activity. Was the juice worth the squeeze?

I don’t know.  Right now and from my own perspective, no.  However I’m prepared to be proven wrong and for my preconceptions to be unfounded – only time will tell.

In the meantime I leave you with what that crazy bugger Baumgartner saw when he jumped out


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