What Steve Jobs reminded everyone about advertising

I was recently pointed to an article about Steve Jobs and the leadership lessons he gave the world, according to the man who wrote his biography.

I have that book, but I am still to read it (it’s a holiday read rather than an everyday read for me – not enough spare time to do it).

Anyways, the article raised some points and got me thinking about what Steve had also reminded the marketing/advertising worlds:

  • Say one thing only – No need to clutter communications with specs etc.  Make a nice product and the specs become almost irrelevant
  • Say it simply – As per Apple’s own marketing copy “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”. Make it appealing and accessible to the whole world
  • Make it consistent – ensure that messages are coherent and complementary.  You can tell an Apple ad a mile off.  Can you say the same thing about any other PC manufacturer?
  • Make it emotive – Sell your vision, not your product.  As Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”
  • But, most importantly, make sure what you’re selling is good – nothing kills a bad product quicker than good advertising or so the story goes, so make you that whatever you’re selling delivers on the promises made.

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