If the shoe fits

Selecting a brand ambassador can be a perilous business.  As a company you are not only relying on the long-term success of that person, but also that they don’t have a fall from grace (a-la Tiger Woods).

That’s why I think K-Swiss’ decision to get Kenny Powers as figurehead is a genius win-win.

They don’t need to worry about his demise or longevity.  They can creatively use him in ways that a ‘real’ sportsperson probably wouldn’t dare go near.  And, it matches their attitude and personality.

Plus, with a ready-made TV vehicle they have endless opportunities for shameless plugs, as exemplified by

I mean, can you see any other ‘serious’ athlete doing this kind of thing?  They have too much to lose with other sponsors…

So, in homage to Kenny P

I’m f**kin’ in and you’re f**kin’ out!


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