It’s the little details that make the difference

This card and note are the culmination of one of the loveliest bits of service I received recently.

Let me set the context…

I subscribe to a lot of magazines – five monthlies and a weekly.  It used to be great, but right now I’m behind

Whilst trying to catch up (May edition) I saw something from the Monocle shop that I wanted – a ‘Support Japan’ bracelet. However, when I looked online I couldn’t find it which meant they had run out.  I decided to take a chance and email them in case they still had some left in the physical stores that they had.

Within an hour I had an email from Tim letting me know that they did in fact have some and that I could pop by and get it.  But, Basingstoke (where I work) is a long way away from Marylebone in London (where the store is) and I don’t go into London that often.  I thought I would try my luck and see if they could mail it to me.

So I emailed Tim back.

Again, he responded quickly (within 30 minutes) saying that absolutely it would not be a problem at all.  This time I decided to call.  Tim answered and we had a 10 minute chat where I told him I was behind and just having a general chit-chat.  Tim seemed like a great guy.  He took my details and said he’d get it posted straight away.

Up to this point I could not fault the service at all.

On Friday, when I got home it had arrived.  And inside were postcard, his business card and my bracelet nicely wrapped up.  I did not expect the personal note from Tim but it was a lovely touch because it showed that he’d paid attention to our conversation and made the experience very personal – and that to me is great customer service.

The result?  As soon as I get the chance, I’m going into that store to meet Tim personally and thank him and get some more Monocle goodies.


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