Following etiquette

This is another Twitter-inspired post.

Earlier this week @chrisbrogan posted this

In his post he discusses whether you should follow someone just because they follow you.  This is something he has done on Twitter.

My personal view (and what I practice) is that you shouldn’t feel obliged to follow anyone.   I understand Chris’ point about not wanting to appear ‘some kind of a jerk’ (his words not mine), but then how much worse is it not to follow someone and not pay attention.  The people you follow think you might be out there listening to you, but you’re not.  You’re giving them a false pretense of what your ‘relationship’ is.

Surely the point of Twitter is to follow people who say things that interest you and interact with them.  If you follow them but don’t pay attention it a bit like the turning up at a party and ignoring everyone.

But that’s just me.  What do you think? Are you going to follow me now?


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