Favouriting Tweets

@briansolis recently posted this tweet


I had been thinking for a while about favourites and how that functionality can be used.

Personally, I used them in two ways:

  • Save to read later – sometimes reading long posts/articles on the iPhone is not the easiest, so I tend to save it until I’m on the iPad or when I get into work and can print it out. Also, with the amount of tweets coming through it is nigh on impossible to then go back and find it so much easier to do this.
  • Keepers – these are tweets that I want to keep because they’re funny, interesting or inspiring. They’re tweets I’m likely to go back to over and over again.

Doing a little digging around, it seems that most people use them in the same way. Favourites are important to use because they let potential follower know what you are into.  I often look at who people follow and their favourites before following them to give me a better understanding of whether they are likely to be someone whose tweets I will enjoy or not.

But tweets can also be used (particularly by brands) as testimonials – to promote particular positive messages someone has sent to other.  And now that you can export tweet and display them on your blog/site (as shown above) you can have that in two place rather than confined only to your Twitter feed.

What about you?  Do you use Favourites?  How do you use them?


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