It’s a festival of music

This month I found a really cool website – – where you basically drop in the YouTube link and it will rip an MP3 from it or download the video – all FREE!

If you click on the videos to open them on YouTube and then copy over the link, you can get the MP3 of any songs you like.

So, without further ado, here are July’s music choices

  • Alexi Murdoch – Something Beautiful I downloaded this from the Downplayer site and thought it was really cool.  Reminded me very much of American style teen programmes – like The OC, Dawson’s Creek and the like

  • Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work – I heard this being played at work.  Really liked the upbeat tempo and party feel to it.  Their album is also quite promising.
  • Michael Buble – Home – Strange choice I’ll admit, but the beat and sound are perfect for some late evening drinks on the outdoors and chilling out.
  • Ed Sheeran – A Team – Heard this one on the radio and then had to dig around to find it as I’d not taken note of who it was. I have a weakness for acoustic songs, and the lyrics reminded me of ‘When the Sun goes down’ by the Arctic Monkeys and the film Christiane F which I remember seeing about 20 years ago or so
  • El Guincho – Palmitos Park – This is a great song I heard nearly 2 years ago.  I love the tempo and Latin sounds mixed with a dance tune
  • Little Barrie – Free Salute – I found this gem from the SXSW Music.  Just a great bopping song, reminiscent of the 70s/80s.
  • Example – Kickstarts – I never really thought I’d like him but then I saw a snippet of this song on a programme and thought I’d give him a go and I really liked the album which has about 6 or 7 decent songs
  • Brett Dennen – Sydney – I first heard this song when I watched the Twitter picture promo video and I thought it fantastic; really vibrant and made me want  to dance around like they do in the Breakfast Club (what can I say, I’m an 80s child).  Planning on checking out his albums.
  • LFO – Summer Girls – another admitted guilty pleasure.  This song reminds me of the 1st time I went on holiday with my (now) wife and I was introduced to Abercrombie & Fitch whilst this song was a hit on the radio.  I also like their Girl on TV video but that’s because Jennifer Love Hewitt was on it.
  • Garth Brooks – Red Strokes – another American act.  This one is more as a nod to 4th July.  Love this song, don’t ask me why as I don’t particularly like country music but it feels very uplifting

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