When PR wins over policies

So the government has once again backed down on one of its proposed policies as a result of public outcry and a perception of being soft on crime.

This must be the 3rd or 4th back reversal the government has performed in the little time it has been around all of which have been off the back of getting a bit of flack from voters about them.

I have a couple of issues with this:

  1. They were chosen to make decisions so make them, don’t dither.
  2. They need to man up. Criticism of any and everything is part and parcel of the job.  Give in too many times and people stop believing that (a) you know what you are doing and (b) you will actually follow through with any proposals
  3. They need to be honest about why they made the decisions they did – don’t hide behind spin.  Stop treating us like kids and give us the truth and the objective reasons why you believe this is right.  Your ideas are much more likely to be accepted if there is a perceived genuine will to improve things.  And even if they are not, at least they will be more respected.

In today’s world of increased transparency, we need our politicians to catch up and open up.  You want a Big Society, then include it don’t alienate or antagonise it.

Despite not leaning right or left when it comes to politics, there are some politicians who seem quite genuine and Ken Clarke is one of them.  Despite not always agreeing with him, you can see what his thinking was and he is fairly open and honest about it.  But if the price you get for it is to get chastised from left, right and centre then no wonder people respond by spinning things into incomprehensible psycho-babble.

I remember someone (Charlie Brooker I think) saying that because there is now such outcry at any opportunity, politicians are becoming vapid, with nothing to say on politics and policies and the lines between parties is fading away.  Is that really the political system we want?

At the end of the day you get what you deserve, and at the moment we are getting the crap governing we are creating with constant PR battles.

(Note: I don’t buy this ‘we didn’t vote for this coalition’ argument.  You know the system, how it works.  Sometimes this happens.  Now let them do their job.  If they f**k up, kick them out at the next election)


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