Are you IN the conversation? Or OUT of it?

Not so long ago I joined a Twitter chat that @redheadwriting was running around Social media.

One of the questions was whether a blog could still be considered as such when there isn’t the ability to comment.

My view is that it can.  A blog can be used for many things:

  • to vent
  • to sell
  • to promote knowledge/express an opinion
A blog is nothing more than a technology facilitating all of the above (none of which necessarily require a response).
However the real question was: “Should all bloggers engage in conversation?”

My personal view is that if you are expressing opinions, then you should. However, if someone decides that they do not want/won’t respond to comments, then I’m ok with it… as long as they let you know off the bat.

If you have allowed comments, then not responding to them seems like a missed opportunity to meet new people and frankly bad manners.  People have taken the time to read what you’ve written and felt compelled to agree/disagree/question what you’ve written so why not acknowledge it?

You need to decide if you want to be IN the conversation or OUT of it.  Either is fine, just make it clear to your readers.


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