June’s Tunes

It’s the 6th month of 2011 and that means the 6th installment of my monthly playlist.  They include some new stuff, some old stuff and some covers. Enjoy! And remember, the titles link to MP3 downloads (where available)

  • Seu Jorge – Life on Mars –  I love Seu Jorge.  He has an amazing voice and the Bowie covers he did for ‘The Life Aquatic’ film.  Bowie said of these covers “Had Seu Jorge not recorded my songs in Portuguese I would never have heard this new level of beauty which he has imbued them with.”
  • Silence4 – A little respect – This is a cover of Erasure’s song by a Portuguese band. I quite like the acoustic treatment they’ve give it and it was a big hit in the early 2000’s
  • Gomez – Rhythm and Blues Alibi – these guys originally came to my attention back in 99/00 when I went to the V Festival.  For some reason I’d always thought they were a dancy band (purely from their name) but I saw them on one of the smaller stages and loved their music and performance – they were a great live band
  • Tupac – Changes – Excellent sampling on this track, which Tupac always did well.  But it’s the lyrics that I really like.  Powerful stuff.  Made all the more powerful as I remember this being a big hit shortly after he was killed.
  • Jason Mraz – I’m Yours – another summer-y song since as the weather is hot. One I definitely ‘murder’ when I’m in the car on my own.
  • N.E.R.D – Everyone nose – Pharell is one of the coolest guys and producers around. He has so many good tracks from NERD, Neptunes and with others.  I chose this one as it’s quite a bouncy party track.
  • Young the Giant – My body – I first heard these guys on the Jools Holland show and they have been building some momentum on music scene.  This is my favourite track from their album.  The drums on it are really cool and it is very much a sing-along track at any gig.
  • Eros Ramazzotti – Se bastasse una canzone – this is one of the songs I remember hearing for the first trip on a summer trip to Nice in France.  Great song and he made some great albums up until the mid-90s but I then lost track.  This summer reminded me of that summer in France.
  • Florent Pagny – Ca fait des nuits – this is the other song of that summer.  This proved tricky to find and I couldn’t find the original video.  I guess French music is not that big.

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