Getting it done

We’re nearly halfway through the year and I’m not forgetting my ‘duties’ and commitments.  With that in mind, here is the latest update on my resolutions for the year.

  • Blog once a week (at least)May was a quieter month on the blogging front as family time was more important, however my average is above my aspirations
  • Tweet once a day (at least) – much like blogging, over the last two weeks this was put in the backburner as I was in Portugal
  • Become more patient with the kids (if they let me) – Kids have been surprisingly good so this has been going well. A few tests with potty training, teething and dummy removals but doing well
  • Make a concerted effort to reduce on the swearingI’m happy with my progress and I’m making a concerted effort to not swear, often stopping myself from doing so
  • Film more family memoriesdoing good with this one thanks to the trusty iPhone4 and the holiday

  • Get eldest riding a bike without stabilisers – stabilisers are off but more work is needed – not much was done in May to be honest
  • Go camping at least twice (now once) – camping trip is booked for june
  • Organise a reunion with friends from Portugal who I have not seen for 20 years Had a lunch in my old school and saw a few friends as well as seeing them accidentally

  • Become mayor of somewhere on Fourquare (my own home or workplace not included)still ‘own’ a few places but ratings have gone down a fair bit as a result of not using it whilst I was away (god, it sounds like I’m a stuck record!)
  • Get to Wii Fit age of 37 – last measurement was 41 but this was taken in April
  • De-clutter the house – House de-cluttering is done.  Conversely, the garage is cluttering nicely.
  • Sell something at a car boot saleMay 8th got rained out, so it is going to be June 5th
  • Move house house on the market, just waiting for the right buyer
  • Get on a Segway (easy one as a ride on one was a Xmas present, but still valid I think) – Done in February
  • (NEW) Take kids swimming on a regular basis going strong… took the opportunity in Portugal to get everyone swimming – both in pool and beach

  • (NEW) Read a book a monthread the Thank You Economy which was very good and highly recommended.  Will blog about it soon
  • (NEW) – Limit myself to a maximum of two coffees per day.  Broke this quite badly during the holiday.  I couldn’t help it… the coffee is much nicer, cheaper and accessible so I felt it would be doing a dis-service to not drink it  

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