Preaching to the converted

I’ve been in Portugal for just under a week now and one of the first bits of advertising I heard about an initiative underway by chefs in the Algarve to promote the region, its cooking and local products.

What struck me about it wasn’t so much the initiative itself but rather the location and audience they were aiming for.

The event was held at Faro airport, targeting people arriving on their holidays! This struck me as an unbelievable waste of money.
People coming to the Algarve will spend money in the region so this activity will not drive any ‘new money’. They are already convinced that the region is where they want to spend their hard-earned holiday time and money.

Given the state of the country – EU bailouts and all that – the focus should be on attracting new people and money to Portugal/Algarve, not affirming the choices of those who have already selected it.

Your customer base is important, but when they have no more budget left (and they are spending it all with you), you need to new customers rather than switch customers between products – product profitability being equal and all that.

NOTE: I’ve written this on the iPad so I have no idea what it will look like, so please forgive me if it looks weird!


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