Dealing with eBay timewasters

In my efforts to keep up with my resolutions, I’ve been trying to sell stuff on eBay. I really like eBay – as a user (be it buying/selling) it is extremely easy to get going and get hooked.

However I do get annoyed with the few bad apples that are there to spoil things for everyone.  In particular these two:

  • ‘Automatons’ who join two days before to bid high/buy it now without the intention of going ahead with payment.  I think it is some automated system but I can’t understand the point – other than perhaps removing a similar product from the listings.  I’ve had this about 3 times and it takes so much of your time to deal with time wasters
  • People who buy your item and then change their mind.  Why bid if you’re not sure you want it?  The problem I have with this is that I get charged for relisting even though it is not my fault.

I would love it if people could only open an account with a card/verified Paypal account and then if they pulled out their card/account would be charged rather than sellers getting the crap end of the deal.  If you’re planning on being honest then you shouldn’t have any issues with this, if you are planning on being an annoying twit then this may be a deterrent from you joining in the first place.

If you’re after a vintage Nikon SLR, a baby pram or a laptop then let me know, I may have just the thing for you :)!

Rant over… for now

2 thoughts on “Dealing with eBay timewasters

  1. I know what you mean, when I first started selling on Ebay I was selling RC Cars
    and making about £10 profit after all the fees per car, So when some guy bought 5
    in one transaction I was, to start with chuffed to bits. This turned into total frustration when he didn’t pay and I had to wait ages to get my fees back from Ebay. There’s always going to be a$$holes around like that and in any business especially on Ebay you’ve gotta just deal with it when these things happen and learn not to let it upset your day.

    Hope you find someone interested in your pram and laptop soon.


  2. Hi Andy, thanks for the support and for reading… I just find it so frustrating because you’re so happy to have made a sale and then it is back down to earth with a bump because people haven’t taken the time to read the descriptions accurately etc.

    You get it everywhere and I just needed a vent


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