When David saved Goliath

Has linear TV (or scheduled TV) been saved by social media?

I think there is an argument to say that, whilst not saved, it’s had a massive help from sites like Twitter and Facebook .

With the advent of TiVo and Sky+ many people proclaim it as the end for scheduled, paid for television.  Viewers would be able to watch programmes in their own sweet time and be able to skip through ads.

But then lowly Social media came along, and people started using it to discuss/comment on live programmes and engage in conversation with other people who were watching at the same time they were. Suddenly, not watching ‘Appointment TV’ meant you were out of the loop or you got the ‘spoiler alerts’ all over the interweb.  Twitter reported that activity increased 50-fold during live sporting events or awards shows (US figures).  Twitter ‘humbly’ admitted to this back in Feb.

The below infographic was actually about the debate for the UK’s referendum on a new voting system, but look at the numbers.

The top 2 trends were ‘live’ events – The Royal Wedding and Britain’s Got Talent. Both BBC Newsnight and Channel4 News are also ‘live’ events.

This has huge implications for TV channels, SM platforms, brands and programmes.  A captive, captivated and engaged audience is there at your fingertips.  The question is: how do you engage them and push them closer to a purchase without detracting from or disrupting their viewing experience?

Suddenly, TV is back to being about being in the (k)now.

[UPDATE 5/5 14:12] Twitter have released a video to showcase how Twitter and TV are interacting – see it below


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