May Music Mayhem

Another monthly instalment of the tunes I’m favouring at the moment and am recommending this month. As always and where possible videos accompany the songs and if you click on the song title you’ll be able to access a free download.

  • Angel – AerosmithQuite an old track that only came to my consciousness last month but an awesome tune nonetheless
  • Make Some Noise – Beastie Boys – excellent return to form from the Boys.  Awesome track with the typical BB beats, excellent star studded video – what more could you ask for?  If you want to listen to the whole album you can stream it free here
  • Big Empty – Stone Temple Pilots – I recently saw ‘The Crow’ again.  I loved the darkness of that movie when it first came out and thought Jason Lee was awesome.  This is one of the stand out tracks from the soundtrack which I’d highly recommend to anyone
  • Colors – Amos Lee – a song I found through the SXSW torrent site which has about 40-odd Gb of music.  Beautiful song and amazing voice – so much emotion

  • One Last Breath – Creed another song that came back into my consciousness recently.  Creed have 4 or 5 stand out tracks but this one is their best
  • Drinking in LA – Bran Van 3000 – heard this on the radio and reminisced about my University years.  I can’t believe this song came out 13 years ago.  It captured a time in my life when drinking and living the ‘good life’ was what it was all about

  • King of Spain – The Tallest Man on Earth – I first heard this song on Later… with Jools Holland (which for those not in the UK is a music program with live performances – some with famous people and breaking artists).  I heard this song and the guitars riffs sounded really cool and different.  Check out his performance below

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