Try it, you might like it

I have a confession.  My first tweet was July 30th 2009.  My 5th was June 27th 2010.  Nearly a whole year had gone by and I’d only tweeted 5 times!

And I did the same with blogging.  My first post was actually on two different blogs – this one in English, and this one in Portuguese. It was all about the impending birth of our first child and it was an opportunity to allow my family back home to know what I was doing.  But the last post I did was a month after Ollie was born (May 2007).  I then didn’t touch blogging until August last year when I decided that the time was right for me to become more serious about it.

So why had I been so lax at doing it?

The main reason was I didn’t see the value in it.  But in hindsight the reason I didn’t see the value in it was because I hadn’t given it my due attention and commitment.

It’s very easy to scoff and say ‘I haven’t got anything interesting to say’ or ‘People don’t want to know that my double expresso tastes like it’s come from the ass of a baboon’ and therefore not bother actually trying it.  But how do you know?  How do you know there aren’t people out there that have the same taste in how they like their expressos brewed?

Us agency folk are so happy to extol the benefits of having a web presence but when it comes to drinking our own champagne we would rather not. We go through exactly the same thought process as our clients do – ‘prove to me that it’s worth it’ / ‘if it’s so good why are you not doing it?’  If you don’t believe in it, why should people believe you?

I say ‘try it’.  And I don’t mean write two or three tweets/posts and expect to gain hundreds of followers.  Really give it a go, engage with the people you follow, strike up conversations, respond to their tweets and show them you’re listening.  You will find people will (generally) reciprocate if they feel they have found someone with similar interests.  And that’s when it gets interesting.  That’s when it becomes worthwhile.  For you it might mean new contacts, ideas, etc.  For your business it might mean new prospects and more money in the bank.

As Thomas Edison said

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work 

2 thoughts on “Try it, you might like it

  1. haha that is a good quote, and believe me we are all glad that you decided to give it a go. I learn a lot from your posts both here and on Twitter.

    The Green Guerilla

  2. buddy, it’s actually quite fun when you start doing it although it gets addictive and I get annoyed if I have a writers’ block!
    Likewise on the blog/twitter front, lots of good stuff coming out of Oregon

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