The best way to learn about advertising

This post is a celebration of a project that I found out about through Twitter and one of the guys I met there (@logbennett).

Logan is a student at Portland State University.  As part of his course, he and some of his colleagues have opened up an advertising agency – Fir Advertising (under the tutelage of their professor).

As I mentioned to the team, I think this is a great venture that can support the local community and a great ADventure (get it?!?) for them as students.

I think something like this should be part of virtually all courses because students get to apply it rather than just study it and take it as gospel.  They will get to find out the reality of any industry and it will enable them to properly analyse what the studybooks tell them – is it all right or all BS?

The other great thing for the industry as a whole is talent can be identified earlier on, the students get into the industry with greater knowledge and experience and less likely to make mistakes because they will have got them out of the way during the course (not that I wish them ill but because that is the best way to learn – I certainly did).

So, good luck FIR.  The Portland business community should be forever thankful to you and those that pass through your doors! 


2 thoughts on “The best way to learn about advertising

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  1. Andre,
    Thank you so much for your kind words, and for your support. This ADventure certainly has been a wonderful learning experience for me and the rest of the team as well. It has also been a fairly stressful project to take on in the midst of all our school work, and other part time extra circular activities, and hearing words of encouragement along the way always helps keep us going. Thanks for the shout out to our website also, and to my twitter feed. You are awesome my friend!

    The Green Guerilla

  2. I’m just jealous I never got the chance to do something like that :).
    Such a great way to learn. And not just about advertising but also business as a whole – finding new business, maintaining a cost balance, dealing with suppliers/contracts etc. It’s fantastic.
    I wish you guys (and your professor) loads of luck in this and your exams.

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