VAD, a success structure

Every business/brand needs 3 types of people:

Visionaries – the people who have a sense of where they want to take the project, what the ultimate goal is or where they want their company to to be.  Most likely to be heard saying “I don’t know how we can reach it, but here’s where we’re heading”  

Architects – those who are more practical, who can take that vision and can break it down into pieces, processes and a structure that will ultimately lead to reaching the vision. Most likely to be heard saying “And in phase 5, we’ll be in a position to…”

Do-ers – the people who make the small steps happen.  They take the direction and make it tangible.  Most likely to be heard saying “That’s that bit sorted. On to the next..”

If you have too many Visionairies it it likely they will each push towards their own vision and nothing will get done.

Too many Architects and you will have a fully functioning department that will deliver nothing and be stagnant.

And an abundance of Do-ers will result in possibly incoherent activities.

Every single one of those types play a crucial role in a group/organisation.  Without Do-ers and Architects the Visionaries’ visions will become nothing more than that.

Getting the right mix is extremely important but the first step is in recognising the type of person your business needs.

I am an Architect.  Which do you think you are? 


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