The opportunity of a lifetime

It was the penultimate week of Jamie’s Dream School and therefore the penultimate post about this thoughtful project.

This week saw some more bitching; fighting; bad behaviour and some ill-fated attempts to instill a sense of responsibility into these kids.

As Jamie rightly points out, Dream School is a self-contained bubble.  When it shuts down, the kids are still going to have the same life that they had before.  What DS did was (hopefully) arm them with a belief that they can go beyond that life.  How many do remains to be seen.

To drive this message home Jamie brought in the parents and encouraged the students to create a portfolio of what they have done.  It was quite disappointing that having been given this opportunity many couldn’t think of anything.  It didn’t even seem as though it was a case of being overwhelmed and unsure how to structure it – it seemed pure apathy.

Bringing in the parents was a good strategy, but only if the parents take that responsibility on.  For far too long these kids have been pampered and allowed to do as they please. And it’s time for them to get a dose of reality.

It will be interesting to see how their trip to Downing Street goes.  Whilst I don’t doubt they have the passion to make their point, will they give themselves the structure to make their points eloquently & more importantly calmly and without talking over each other.  Again, these kids have a great opportunity to voice the concerns of their generation. Do they grasp the importance of that opportunity?  Or are they just seeing it as a fun day out?  For their sake and that of those after them, let’s hope it is the former.

Respect is earned not commanded.


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