Socially, this is how I roll

Social media interaction is much like any other.  There is a certain etiquette.  And much like the ‘analogue’ world, different people have different perceptions of what etiquette is.

So I thought I would elucidate mine for all and sundry.

  • Show yourself – wherever possible and wherever you have an avatar, I prefer to use an image of myself.  Partly because I am one handsome fella and I want to show it off (!), but also because when you meet someone for the first time you will often see their face – so why should social media be any different.  The only time where it is not myself is Facebook, but that is more for pre-existing relationships so having a picture of my kids instead is permissible and excusable
  • I don’t follow because I’m followed.  I follow because I’m interested in what those people have to say. I don’t feel the need to reciprocate a follow (as much as I enjoy gold speculators and estate agents).  Similarly, I don’t feel obliged to accept Friend requests on Facebook just because I know someone.
  • Unless is it a spammer, if someone send me a message/mention/retweet/comment I will write back.  It is a small thank you to people for taking an interest and it takes up very little of my time so I do it. Personally, if someone comments on my blog I will respond – not doing so is almost like you’re ignoring them. Mind you I’m fortunate that the numbers on my blog are small enough for me to write back.

  • If I’m commenting I’ll never be rude.  Even if I disagree with someone.  Ranting and raving detracts focus from your point of view.  Also, people have taken the time to write the post so they are part of the 8% or so of content creators so we should be encouraging people to join the party – berating them at every point won’t help achieve this.  Lastly, if you don’t like it you can ‘vote with your mouse’ (as they say) by not reading that blog ever again. So chill out and move on!
  • If I’m inspired/want to share something that is someone else’s idea, I will reference them.  I admit to sometimes using my own urls (I do this to see how much traction I have), but when I do so I will add a ‘via’ on my tweets.  If a blog has sparked my own post, I will link to it.  The reason I do this is to thank the originators and also show them that people are paying attention and that they are making people think and act. And what better reward to blogging/tweeting is there? Money perhaps, but that kind of fame is a long way off!!/thesantoses/status/55587387891384320

  • Promoting this blog has historically only been done once per post (once I’d found the Twitter publicise function). I am now trying to see if promoting it a couple of times a day to see what times drive traffic and take advantage of when my US friends wake up

And that’s how I roll.  How’s your etiquette?


2 thoughts on “Socially, this is how I roll

Add yours

  1. I think those are all worthy etiquette points for social media. It does often amaze me that people don’t follow similar guidelines as this. I mean it is just plain rude not to be polite with all of these things.

    The Green Guerilla

  2. I agree, treat others as you want to be treated. It costs nothing and you might end up in a really good conversation and making some good contacts (and I see you as a perfect example of this)

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