I am a proud social media snob!

That’s right.  I am a snob but not in its truest sense.  I don’t believe myself to be above anyone else, nor am I condescending towards anyone else.

I have simply made a choice to be highly selective in who I befriend and follow.  And I have been known to unfriend and unfollow people on a regular basis.

I do this for a two key reasons:

  • It makes me more meaningful as a follower. I don’t follow you because you follow me, or because I expect a follow back.  I follow you because I feel you have something to offer me that I want – be that entertainment, news, education etc
  • I can’t currently process more than about 70 follows at the same time. If I truly want to pay attention to the people I’m following then I find that is a manageable number.  I don’t understand how someone can follow hundreds, even thousands of people.  That’s not to say it is wrong, but my brain isn’t geared that way.  I’m a simpler man.

When I started out on Twitter and FB it was all about how many friends/followers can I get; let me follow as many people as possible, but quickly I realised that sifting through all the Farmville crap and irrelevant tweets was actually a waste of time. Now I think I have a balance that I am comfortable with and that I get a lot from.  If that happens to grow in the future then so be it.  I’m not averse to the idea, simply I couldn’t give my follows the due attention.

Next time, my social media etiquette.

How do you manage your social media follows (be that on FB, Twitter or LinkedIn)?


4 thoughts on “I am a proud social media snob!

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  1. I am much the same way you are, I am a little bit more selfish about it though. I will follow someone if it benefits me sometimes, like if someone RTs my stuff, or puts me on a Twitter list then I will follow them. Other than that, I am the same as you I will only follow people that post relevant stuff, or are relevant to the industry that I am in, although I will follow hundreds. FB is different for me though, that is usually only friends that I follow on there, and FB is becoming less and less important for me everyday almost to the point where I don’t pay attention to it at all anymore.

    The Green Guerilla

  2. Facebook I only use to post pictures so my family can see – they’re not Twitter people, yet. I’ve not looked too much into Lists yet and think I should so will do that today.
    My thing with Twitter numbers is fear of being overwhelmed and missing stuff but as I use it more I’m sure I will become better at filtering and it won’t become such an issue… the other thing I’m working on is being more participative rather than passive – i.e. actually using the reply in order to make comments and have conversations.

    1. Yeah if you aren’t using it already use a tool like hootsuite, or tweetdeck. This will allow you to watch facebook, twitter, linkedin, and your blog all at the same time. It also allows you to add in windows of your lists, or lists that you follow.

      The Green Guerilla

  3. I tried hootsuite and didn’t get on with it. I’m not sure why but I find myself using the stand alone tools rather then the ‘aggregators’ – something to do with my attention span again no doubt! The one thing I do use is Netvibes for my RSS feeds and it has Twitter feeds as well as Hotmail and LinkedIn. I can also create different tabs so I can add to the work Twitter feed as well without having to log out and log back in again.

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