My all time top10 posts

So I’ve now been blogging for 8 months now.  In that time I have:

  • Created nearly 120 posts
  • Had nearly 1800 views of my posts (avg 15 per post)
  • My busiest day was March 4 2011 with a mighty 63 views
  • My busiest month was March 2011 with 542 views

I really don’t know if that is good or bad.  I’m quite pleased with it because I never really planned to be doing it this much but I go hooked, so thank you to all you readers – I hope I’ve not bored you too much.

I thought I would ‘celebrate’ with the top10 posts on my blog in terms of views.


Raising kids for an unknown future 132

March Music Mayhem

This post is brought to you by 72
What if social networking suddenly shut down? 51
Do we want a generation fact regurgitators or thinkers? 48
When marketing goes bad… 46
New Year’s resolutions – March progress report 40
Getting stuffed in an all you can eat buffet? 38
Social buying is here to stay, but is it worth it for brands? 37
Who I follow on Twitter and why 36

Thanks everyone


3 thoughts on “My all time top10 posts

  1. No No THANK YOU! Thanks for all of the entertaining and insightful posts. I have enjoyed reading them for sure. And thank you a ton for adding me to your blog roll. How do you show my recent posts on there?

    The Green Guerilla

    • Hey Logan,

      When I started I wasn’t really sure what I was going to get out of it or how much I would do, but it’s become like a ritual.
      The way I did the blog roll is on the Dashboard, go to Appearances, click on Widgets, and just added an RSS feed and then you can select how many posts you show.

      How’s the proposal coming along?

      • Awesome, I will have to do that on my blog.

        The proposal is going well. Our rough draft of the media plan is due to our supervisor at the end of this week.

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