Bring on those April sounds

WHOOP WHOOP!! That’s the sound of the tunes coming out of the iPhone this month.  Here are the top 10 songs I’ve been annihilating in the car.   As always, song title will lead to download links. Let me know what you think of April’s list.  Is it April Fool or April Cool?

  • GNR – Mais Vale Nunca – a Portuguese tune to reminisce about my youth back home.  GNR ruled in Portugal. Please remember that this is from early 90s.
  • Monte Negro – Pena Colectiva – found this through the SXSW showcase torrent.  The chilled out feel with the Spanish vocals make it a fantastic sound
  • Rihanna – What’s my name – really getting into the beats that Rihanna is coming out with.  The album is great and this is one of the stand out tracks
  • Mapaputsi – Kleva – adding to the international feel of this month’s selection.  I originally heard this on Skins and thought it had a great beat and energy
  • Leave before the lights come one – Arctic Monkeys – one of the best indie bands of the last 5 years consistently delivering excellent music.  This, to me, is one of their stand out tracks.  I specially  love the bit when it slows down and builds up again with the drums.

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