1/4 of the year is gone – how am I doing with my resolutions?

We’re a quarter of the way into the year and therefore into my timeline to achieve my resolutions.

How am I doing?

  • Blog once a week (at least) – Blown this one out of the water with a blog a day in March. I’m actually going to slow down for fear of getting repetitive and allow me to do some of the other resolutions
  • Tweet once a day (at least) – been doing well on this one and have also been trying to be a bit more active than just tweeting and retweeting by conversing with @cheelau, @logbennett, @gilroyhq, @abrightnewway and @luhrsadvertising.  This is something I aim to continue doing so if you follow me and fancy a chat, I’m game
  • Become more patient with the kids (if they let me) – I’ve been doing well despite one or two hiccups
  • Make a concerted effort to reduce on the swearing – By my standards, March was a very tame month so I would consider it a success
  • Film more family memories – yes, been doing well here… April should also be a good month with lots of birthday and activities
  • Get eldest riding a bike without stabilisers – weather still not good enough
  • Go camping at least twice – I’m a fair weather camper, say no more.  I will book something though as my membership runs out in June.  Planning something in May or June so I may need to revise this one to ‘at least once’
  • Organise a reunion with friends from Portugal who I have not seen for 20 years – Portugal holiday timing will be around June so April will be the time to plan
  • Become mayor of somewhere on Fourquare/Gowalla (my own home or workplace not included) – I’ve given up on Gowalla but this week I have managed to get 5 mayorships (one is work but the others are supermarkets and coffee shops)
  • Get to Wii Fit age of 37 – not been on the Wii too much this month but have started exercising so would like to think it would have a positive effect
  • De-clutter the house – House was de-cluttered in February but quickly cluttered again.  Wife has promised to help to sort this out (she’s a hoarder) during the bank holidays we have in April
  • Sell something at a car boot sale – as above
  • Move house – heavily reliant on ‘De-cluttering the house’ but still on the cards
  • Get on a Segway (easy one as a ride on one was a Xmas present, but still valid I think) – Done in February
  • (NEW) Take kids swimming on a regular basis – we started this two weeks ago with no success, but persevered and last week was better
  • (NEW) Read a book a month – considering the only time this can happen is in the evenings I hope I’m not over-reaching.  Will try a mix of professional and non-professional books as I find to much of one or the other a bit boring after a while.  BTW, this is not 12 books in 8 months, it is 8 books in 8 months!
  • (NEW) – limit myself to a maximum of two coffees per day.  My expresso consumption has got to the point of 4 doubles a day – not good for the heart and gives me insomnia

Fingers crossed for a good April!


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