Treat them like the kids they are

So, it is week 4 of Jamie’s Dream School, and that means it’s time for another point of view from me on education – sorry!

This week the class tackled some of the more classical subjects of poetry and Latin.  Now, I did neither of these at school (at least not as individual subjects – poetry was part of English) and am not entirely sure of how engaged I would’ve been.  I’m missing that foundational knowledge that tells me why these subjects are worth knowing; how are they relevant to the world I live in or the future I’ll have?

The good thing is that some of these kids show potential, or at least a willingness to learn and that’s more than half the battle.  The teachers are understanding that making the subjects relevant and connecting them to today’s life is critical in getting the kids’ interest and understanding.

The teachers are also realising that they have to follow the same process you are told about parenting young kids – i.e. they need rules and they need those to be consistently applied.  If they are not, then they will not see them as rules.  As one of the teachers says – give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile.  You can see that in action with the headteacher who  hasn’t really got a grip on the pupils – he threatens them but then doesn’t follow it up with action.

The programme is a view of not just how pupils act, but also how teachers can get the best out of them.  It seems that learnings are being made – what will be interesting to follow is how this will impact the teaching profession (I’d like there to be learnings, but am skeptical) but also the kids there (will they go back to education, seek to find a job, etc).

Anyway, here is Episode 4.


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