The wonder of solitude

People are social beings, it is in our genes. Yet solitude feels so comforting, so relaxing.

3-4a.m. in the US is probably one of my favourite times in the world. Whenever I fly there I tend to wake up at that time (jet lag’s a bitch!).  If I was back in England I’d roll over and go back to sleep, but in the US I simply walk out of my hotel and go for a walk for an hour or so.

To me it is the time when they are at their best, at least that’s how I feel at that moment in time.

There is a calmness and serenity that you don’ t get past 8am, I find it the best time to explore and get my bearings – particularly in a new city.  Whilst there may be no one around to ask directions if I get lost that is part of the ‘excitement’.  Exploration is just that, see what you can find.

I enjoy being alone with my thoughts without distractions – often clearing my head, getting ideas and crystallising thoughts.  It is often so difficult to find time to break away from the rat race of work pressure, family pressures etc. Going for a walk at around 4am in the UK doesn’t have the same effect because those pressures are still present, whilst when I’m in the US, it is on holiday

I’ve wondered the streets of New York, Austin, San Diego and Boston and it has now become almost like a ritual I do everytime I go there. It helps me unwind and deal with jet lag.

Never under-estimate the pleasure and benefits of solitude.

Solitude shows us what should be; society shows us what we are. Robert Cecil


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