Are you game?

So, SXSWi is currently going on.  I loved Austin when I went there about 6 years ago and I would love to be there – all the music and tech you can shake a stick at. And the ten-gallon hats!

If you’ve been following it you’ll now that gamification, and SCVNGR in particular, is currently getting a fair amount of press. So I thought I would give my perspective on it.  I have also downloaded it to the iPhone to test it (although the annoying bit is that it is yet another profile to create).

On a technical front it’s difficult for me to make a judgement because it hasn’t properly launched in the UK, certainly not to the level it could (as I see it in my mind’s eye) and not enough of my friends use it.  It works fine, the interface is simple enough.

On a business front, I think it has legs. Games and a sense of competitiveness appeals to me.  Some people (and the comments on the article above are proof) feel gamification is childish and won’t work – especially when tackling serious subjects like disease and the environment.  I don’t think it is childish; I don’t know if it will work but I’m open minded about it.  I certainly think it is a worthwhile approach to try, so I wouldn’t dismiss it off-hand.

On Priebatsch’s comments on location-based services and deals then I think he has it spot on.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the issue with Deal-services is that they are one-off and engender the wrong type of purchasing behaviour. Rewards based on repeat consumption is likely to work.

I’m intrigued by what it can offer and will wait to see how the whole thing pans out before making a final decision.  In the meantime, here is are two videos: Gamification 101 & Seth’s talk about gamification.

As a last note, anyone calling themselves ‘Chief Ninja’ should be quickly and unceremoniously slapped.


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