Give love to get love (and business)

Have you experienced Random Acts of Kindness?  I don’t necessarily mean a stranger keeping the door open for you to walk through, but a brand unexpectedly contacting you with a gift – just for being you.

Apparently this is a hot trend for 2011.

The premise of it I think is great and done wisely could really drive WOM – everyone loves a bit of love and delight.

I think small, independent brands have an advantage as they are much more flexible and to implement you don’t have the legal and logistical rigmarole to go through.  Imagine as a coffee shop sending a tweet (to anyone saying the need a sugar hit) telling them they can have a free cake if they come in for a coffee.  All they need to do is show up and show you the tweet.  How would you as a customer feel?  Even if you weren’t a regular; that’s be pretty special. And you’d probably go back.

The problem for big companies is getting something like this off the ground.  They need one of two things: a dedicated social media person or the confidence to allow individual branches to undertake a campaign like this.

One thing to consider carefully is how you do it and how often; promote it too much or do it too often and it loses value and people start to expect it (and don’t appreciate it).

For some pure altruism inspiration, here is a video of the FREE HUGS campaign


One thought on “Give love to get love (and business)

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