Never forget the role of analogue

I read about how the Chinese army was training carrier pigeons as an alternative means of communications in the field.

At first I laughed at it and thought it was fairly amusing, but then considered how right they actually were.

We’ve become so dependent on ‘digital’ equipment that we feel at a loss when something goes wrong – just think of a day without your mobile.  We also have very few contingency plans in place for such an occurrence.  I wouldn’t know my wife’s mobile if I didn’t have my mobile.  If your work email is down, communicating with others feels that much more challenging.

My father in law is a lawyer who sorted out the purchasing of my house and his preferred means of transferring documents is letters and post – which in this day in age seems archaic, yet there is something more ‘secure’ about it.  Maybe it is the certainty of a physical item being received or having something in your hand, I don’t know.

In business it is about finding the right balance between the digital and analogue in a way that provided your customers with the right experience.

So, don’t discount analogue channels; it may just prove to be the critical advantage you need.


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