Is Facebook about to lose its sparkle?

I read this article from eConsultancy recently.  It talks about the increased commercialisation of Facebook, into a phenomenon they are calling f-commerce.

Whilst the article is very complimentary about f-commerce and its future, I’m not so sure.  Not because I don’t believe that people will not be able to sell through it but because the mere thought of commercialisation to such a scale goes against the original conception of the site – and we know what commercialisation did for MySpace. I’ve spoken about this before.

People join the site to catch up with friends, not to be sold to.  And the increasing tendency of Facebook to commercialise the site could alienate some people.

Personally I have been using Facebook less and less.  Not necessarily because of this, but because I prefer things like Twitter and the friends who I really want to keep in touch with I find other means to.

Now, whilst I paint a bleak picture, I envisage this move away from Facebook will take a couple of years to happen as the party moves on.

What do you think?  Do you agree? Are you happy about the commercialisation of Facebook? Do you care? Does it make any difference?


4 thoughts on “Is Facebook about to lose its sparkle?

  1. I too do not use Facebook very much. I don’t think that Facebook is here to stay, I believe that it will fade just like MySpace has. Although I also think for that to happen another social network like it will need to gain traction and become popular. I don’t think Twitter is the right network for that to happen, because it is too different from Facebook.

    I don’t like the comercialisation of Facebook, but I also don’t like how it is sometimes easier to get a hold of people on there then on the actual phone LOL.

    The Green Guerilla

  2. hey, thanks for tweeting the post… I agree, Twitter serves too different a purpose for it to be a real alternative… i don’t think we’ve yet seen what will ultimately topple it.
    Know what you mean about getting hold of people, know a few of them like that!

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