Who I follow on Twitter and why

Twitter is a great tool – for keeping in touch, for finding out the latest personal news and discovering new things.

When you look at someone’s profile it tells you who they follow, but what would be interesting is understanding exactly why they follow them and perhaps have some form of average rating (like an app).  I know this might make it seem like a popularity contest but it might just give a bit more context to someone looking to see who they should follow or not.

With this in mind, I thought I would list out who I follow and let you know why do so.  Then at least you will have a more complete picture, should you wish to follow any of them.

  • asacox_BDNet – old school friend; just use to keep up to date with his news
  • charliesheen – legend of drug abuse and #winning phrases. Made of #tigerblood and has fire-breathing fists.  An absolute must to follow!
  • clientsfh – funny account about things clients say.  Spooky of many of those I have heard
  • andyhazell75 – Head of Online and CRM at Sony UK – newbie to Twitter so needs encouragement
  • Jon_Favreau – Director of IronMan and creator of Swingers; responsible for Vaughn’s career
  • jeremypiven – how can you not follow Ari Gold?  The character has (unfortunately for him) become bigger than the actor but still worth a follow
  • adsoftheworld – creative from around the world – a must for any professional in communications/advertising.  Too often we limit ourselves with knowing only creative in the country we are in
  • BloomsburyDirOp – my brother in law working for an awesome hotel in London
  • logbennett – Mr GreenGuerilla as I know him best.  Always with a POV and great links.  Blog also worth following
  • mattlneal – heads up Brighsparx, a new digital agency
  • abrightnewway – the agency Matt (above) leads.  Worth a follow for interesting digital and B2B links
  • galvogalvo – someone I used to work with back in the day.  Good if you like cycling and web stuff
  • leewisedale – creative director at @GilroyHQ.  A busy man with a busy mind
  • omar_g – product manager at Sony.  A geek who make tech make sense.  Awesome guy who looks a little like Pharell from The Neptunes
  • samhair – another Sony person.  Sam is a keen music fan and DJ – excellent taste in music
  • the99percent – great business articles
  • postaday – feed that provides people with ideas on what to write their blogs about.  Ideas provided for me so far = 0, but that doesn’t mean it never will
  • fightingmachine – interactive agency producing great work
  • GilroyHQ – my home, my source of income… still learning its Twitter-ways but they’ll get there
  • simonbilling – Grumpy Englishman who provides amusing commentary on advertising/marketing – worth a follow for a cynical view
  • MarketingBoston – in case I decide to move West
  • andressilvaa – SMM professor in Chile.  Great for some decent links and content
  • Sabotagetimes – Brilliant website for amusement and funny videos
  • kategraham23 – Old uni friend who is now Marketing Manager at a learning company
  • chuck_facts – Chuck Norris facts, the legend lives on. Some mild amusement for the day
  • brandchannelhub – Twitter feed on all things branding – interesting articles.
  • ThisIsSethsBlog – Feed from Seth Godin’s blog.  Always interesting points and very succinctly made.
  • AdContrarian – Like Simon Billing – an alternative view on everything you hear about advertising and marketing
  • iaintait – Official title is Global Interactive Executive Creative Director at W+K. Tweets cool links
  • jesslittlemore – old work friend, looking after new business at old company
  • davetrott – Creative Director at CST advertising.  Great articles and blog posts – definitely worth a read
  • mashable – my source of all things tech… a must
  • wired – as @mashable but more than just tech
  • DailyDilbert – daily dose of corporate BS exposed – love it
  • 12thday – my old Creative Director and a fantastic copywriter, one of the most well-read gents I know
  • TheWriter – provide some amusing tweets on the English languages
  • guardianmusic – source of information on new music and cool bands to follow
  • jimmycarr – UK comedian whose live act is funny as hell
  • RealDMitchell – another UK comedian, but very different style to @jimmycarr
  • wrigsy – MD of old company – web man
  • alaindebotton – philosopher and writer of some great books.  Follow if you want some ‘deep’ stuff
  • RodBanner – Old MD of former employers – now an investment angel and tech guru
  • trendwatching – awesome feed for finding out about new trends and interesting business ideas
  • IamCaptainChaos – Producer of the best breakfast radio show in the land
  • BrandRepublic – feed from brand and marketing publication – good articles and views
  • rorysutherland – planner at Ogilvy – extremely intelligent guy with some amusing tweets
  • jonhaywooduk – Mr Twitter – a planner who has recently moved to Canada
  • DJChristianOC – host of the best radio show in town
  • ocbreakfastshow – Feed from the best breakfast radio show in the land – their pics and video posts are always amusing
  • sivers – business man who launched CD baby… infrequent but worthwhile tweets
  • bbcquestiontime – feed for weekly political show –  a must watch show
  • tonyrobbins – motivational speaker; loved his TEDtalk, some good feeds
  • SirKenRobinson – one of the sharpest minds about education & creativity ; if it interests you, follow him
  • tferriss – an extremely interesting guy who has a plethora of interests – his links are often worth reading
  • cheelau – creative guy, one of the ushers at my wedding… his tweets can be random or amusing so it’s pot luck

So there you have it – the people I follow and why.  What about you? Who do you follow and why?


8 thoughts on “Who I follow on Twitter and why

Add yours

  1. Great piece (above and beyond the flattering mention for which humble thanks). Understanding follower/following is absolutely the way to make the best of twitter to build a fascinating and informative network of insight, conversation and debate.

    1. Hi Simon, thanks for reading! I think that you need to put some context around who you follow. As I’ve gotten more accustomed to this Twitter-malarkey I’ve become very selective. I follow based on who do I feel I get value from (or may get value from). Being selective also means that I can actually focus on what people are saying rather than cursory glances at what 1,500 people are tweeting about.
      BTW, you’re not that grumpy!

  2. Hey thanks for the shout out again! And for the good words. I like this idea of explaining why we follow who we follow. This makes me think I should make a post about why I follow who I follow, if you don’t mind me stealing your idea? I like it.

    The Green Guerilla… or sometimes @logbennett

      1. Awesome thank you!

        And yes I am very ready for this term to be over… only three more terms left after that then I get to graduate!

        The Green Guerilla

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