Giving up on Social Media

Earlier this week I rid myself of some of the shackles I created for myself with this venture into social media.

I became so engrossed in all the latest and newest applications and social media channels that at last count I had over 15 IDs – ranging from email accounts to my WordPress to Flikr.

That is too many and quite a few I rarely use.  I originally joined them because I didn’t want to miss out in case one of them hit it off, but have come to realise that having these is more a pain in the butt and a source of a lot of email that is binned straight away.

So following a ‘spark’ set off from a post by Green Guerilla / @logbennett) I decided to quit and close some of those accounts, namely:

  • Tumblr
  • Path
  • Gowalla
  • Beluga messenger
  • Bnter
  • Behance
  • Yola
  • Wix

My hope is that by doing this I will be able to give those SM channels that I have a bit more focus and not feel inundated by a need to update lots of profiles.  There is nothing wrong with any of the above, only that I have other that do a similar job and that I prefer to use and have more contacts in.

What sites/channels have you given up recently? Why?


5 thoughts on “Giving up on Social Media

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  1. I personally have given up on all forms of Social media in the past, and have recently started picking them up again. This does not mean that I will not all of a sudden drop all forms of them again in the future though. I am a little schizophrenic like that when it comes to social medai. Personally I don’t like social media. I wish we lived in an age where it did not exist, where people actually had to hang out together to be social.
    However, I understand how important it can be from a business perspective, and from a professional networking perspective when it comes time for me to find a job when I graduate.

    The Green Guerilla

  2. Good evening GG (or I’m assuming morning for you), you’re right, SM is increasingly important when it comes to finding a job. It is almost expected that you now have some form of SM presence – be that on LinkedIn or Twitter.
    I also agree in that despite its name, it’s not as social as a face to face – but what it is great at doing is finding those connections and opening those doors. That’s why I’m not giving up on all of it, just trimming the fat around the edges as they say – Twitter/LIn/FB are here to stay with me, although I have un-friended a whole lot of people on FB purely because I really didn’t care enough about it.
    I think the way I’m using SM now is just more focus and selfish I guess – before it was a fairly scatter gun approach (being in all of the latest apps, friending everyone, etc). Now it’s about: what do I really want to get out of this? Is this someone I really want to have a conversation/relationship with? It sounds counter intuitive but actually it means that I can focus on the relationships I get most from and be more engaged when I am Social Media-ing (if such a term exists – if it doesn’t then I’ve made it up).
    Like Charlie Sheen says ‘I’m bi-winning!’ I win from having better connections and I win from spending more time doing the things I like with people I like.

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