Should we all just get our coats and leave?

So Pepsi is launching a new can shape for its Diet Pepsi product (see ad).

However, this has met with some criticism in the press and from certain associations.  Their contention is that the can and advertising messages are promoting the skinny look and offensive to people with eating disorders (either too much or too little).

How the hell are we surviving when so much of our world is offensive? Thin cans are offensive to fat people and bulimic people, Christmas is offensive in that it is not encompassing of all religions and drug addiction prevention ads offensive to drug addicts.  The world has gone mad, I tells you…

At the end of the day, people who buy Diet Pepsi are doing it because they are either on a diet or they like the taste. And when they drink it, they drink it from a can or bottle that says ‘Diet Pepsi’.  So already they are making that statement.  Is the shape of the can really going to change people’s opinion of that person? Will they be shocked?  No, they won’t care and nor should they.  So if people have an issue they should have an issue with the notion of the drink itself and not its container. (For full disclosure, I do have an issue with it as a drink, but one that is purely taste-based).

Let’s think about this .. it is just a bloody can!!!!

This whole debate is illogical and wasting valuable time and advertising space.  Whilst before people would say ‘I won’t buy it on political/social responsibility grounds’ they now use the term ‘offended’ and there is a huge difference between the two.  The first is a personal choice based on your values and morals, the second implies a degree of malice to undermine and cause offense to someone.  I don’t think PepsiCo were going for the latter when developing this.

Personally I think the ads are clever, the message between the shape of the can and the drink within it consistent and the choice of launch occasion inspired and on message.

Rant over, now I’m heading off to the shops to buy some goose fat so I can lather myself in it in an effort to apologies to people with eating disorders who may be offended by my views!


One thought on “Should we all just get our coats and leave?

  1. wow, yeah I heard about people getting all bent out of shape about this, it is absurd! Do these same people have a problem with the tiny 8 oz cans? Personally I am on the same boat with you. I think the ads to a great job of getting the message across, and bringing a new feel to the product. The controversy might also be getting Pepsi some more attention than originally planned for as well, so that is good.

    The Green Guerilla

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