Are you serious?

I read about this in a magazine and I nearly had a fit.

I mean, are they serious? Should we also lay a welcoming committee for them and put everything out in case we get sued because they got too tired looking for stuff to nick.

I someone tries to come into my house, I bloody well hope they get injured.  They clearly have no consideration for my wellbeing, so why should I for theirs?

How is it that we have come to this?  Where we are being warned against protecting ourselves from people doing wrong to us.  This is just too crazy for words.

Will drunk drivers who crash into a lamppost also be able to sue the council for the location of the lamppost?  Surely the principle is the same.  You screw up for no one’s fault other than your own and you end up getting paid for it.

Society seems to have drifted to a place where we are ‘rewarding’ people for having no common sense, where people can lay claim to all their rights from society, but are allowed to take no part in their responsibilities towards it.

You know something is wrong when there are households with generations of families who have never had a job – yet they manage to have a house, food on the table etc.  Whilst I don’t wish them to starve to death, I don’t see why I should foot the bill for their choice of lifestyle.  I work, I pay my bills, I put food on my table.  I have enough mouths to feed and look after without doing it for someone else.

I have no idea where this phenomenon started but surely enough is enough – we need to get back to reality. If someone’s stupid enough to do something stupid and it goes wrong, is it not better to let them learn the hard way rather than to tell them ‘here’s a payoff, it was a stupid thing to do but it is our fault for not warning you that you’re a stupid person about to do something stupid and it will go wrong’.




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