Shock and awe

If you’ve not seen or heard, there is a new game due to come out called Dead Island.

The game is about surviving in a hotel that has been taken over by zombies.  The trailer has only just been released and is a huge hit with gamers, who love the trailer for its cinematic qualities.

However, I’m sure criticism is not far off because of the macabre use of a child as the focal point for the trailer.

Personally I find it beautifully harrowing.  As a piece of film, I think it is great and the music choice is superb.  As a father I was a little perturbed by its content.  And what made me a little queasy was the use of a child as the main character.  To me it was used purely to get attention, the premise of the game could have been shown without this ‘cheap’ tactic.

But this seems to be a growing trend in games trailers and marketing, whereby the games need to be hyped up through controversy.  Recently Medal of Honor sparked fury over the fact that one could play as a member of the Taliban.  Because games can now generate more money than some films, building the hype is necessary.

The question is, where will it stop? What other taboos are left unexplored for games to tackle?

What do you think of the trailer?


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