I’m not telling you how to do your job, but…

That is one of my most hated phrases.  Often used by condescending people – either knowingly or unknowingly.

As soon as someone utters those words to me, immediately I’m on edge thinking of ways to respond.

I don’t know why I feel that way, is it the tone? Is it the thought that it must immediately be a criticism?

Other phrases that I hate with a similar passion are:

– You tell me, you’re creative (I can’t actually articulate what I want, so you try to guess)

– Let me play devil’s advocate (let me just blow a hole in your theory and watch you squirm)

– Let’s be disruptive (let’s talk about all the things we’d love to do but that ultimately we won’t get away with)

– No idea is a bad idea (apart from the ones I agree with)

– With all due respect (what you just said is a crock of crap and I’m about to tell you that – with a smile on my face)


What phrases do you despise the most? Why?


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