What if social networking suddenly shut down?

It’s hard to remember a time without Facebook/Twitter/etc – a time when social networking wasn’t in the news; either for good reasons (number of users, visits per day, etc) or bad reasons (cyberbullying).

The success of Facebook has made it the poster child for web2.0/social networking.

But would anyone really miss it if suddenly closed its doors?  What about other sites – although we use them so frequently in life, would life become unbearable if they were no longer there?

Some have already predicted this is inevitable, a result of the our need to keep moving on once something loses its initialappeal. Think of it like a slowed down version of kids at Xmas; the get a present (something new) and get super excited about it for 5 minutes until the next present (next new thing) is presented to them, by which time the first present is a long and distant memory.

I, for one, wouldn’t miss it.  Although I used it as my social centre for a couple of years, it is now almost a chore and I’m on the verge of unfriending nearly 80% of my ‘friends’.  At first it was exciting to find out what people were doing, but now I’m back to the feeling that ‘there is a reason why I didn’t keep in touch with you after school.’.

The people you really want to keep in contact with you will and those you don’t you won’t – simple as that.  So Facebook wouldn’t be missed by me.

But what about Twitter?  Probably even less – on Twitter you send things into the stratosphere – a fairly egotistical exercise that I engage in because it is there and it is fun but it doesn’t make my world that much better, my life that much easier.

I think most of the social networking sites I feel the same about – Path, Skype, Instagram, Instant Messenger.

The only site I think is irreplaceable is Google and search engines.  Their ability simplify your search for information is infinitely useful and the one thing that you cannot replace.

But that’s just my view. Which sites would you miss and why?


3 thoughts on “What if social networking suddenly shut down?

  1. I am on your side, if Facebook or Twitter or Foursquare, or MyTweetFace, and whatever else dissapeared I would not cry over it at all. If Google went away on the other hand, I am not really sure what I would do. Google truly has made life easier. That is why when someone asks you a question that you don’t know the answer too, all you have to say is “I am not sure, Google it.”
    The Green Guerilla

  2. Would we survive without it? Of course. Let’s not forget that before social media came along we invented the arts, telecommunications, cars, factories, planes, space ships, microchips, microwaves, radios, TV sets, satellites, telescopes, spectacles, restaurants, houses, hospitals, brain surgery, x-rays, a cure for bacterial infections, bikes, trains, ships, dinner parties, satnav, holidays and much much more. Life was OK. In fact there’s isn’t a single thing above that I’d lose in order to keep social media. No that’s not true, I might surrender telescopes.

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