Worth his weight in Gold

If you’ve not seen this before then this is probably some of the funniest 10 minutes of television I have seen in a long time – probably since Trigger Happy TV.

Ricky just nails them all, absolutely nails them.

He’s got into a spot of bother over it and it is unlikely his US career will really take off, but that was one funny speech.  In an era of political correctness and a place of mutual ass-kissing, he went against all that full force.  No subject too tabboo, no stone left unturned.

These people who long to be in such control of their image, lost all control for a minute and did not like it very much.

But I also think there is a difference between US and UK comedians.  I think UK comedians are more willing to take risks, are not afraid to be ‘un-PC’ and have a habit of poking fun at celebrities.  I’m struggling to think of a successful American comedian other than Bill Hicks who did so.  In the UK, of the more famous ones is Jimmy Carr, but one of the funniest lines ever was given by Julian Clary in a similar situation to what Ricky found himself


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