So long 2010, welcome 2011!

As I headed back to work this morning, 2010 was becoming a more distant memory with every mile I travelled.  I decided that I should look back at 2010 and note down what happened so that I don’t forget.  So, in no particular order, here is what I did in 2010:

  1. Zack (my 3rd kid) was born
  2. Got a new permanent job
  3. Became more social – started this blog, created a portfolio website and my Twitter account has got some proper use (up to a might 36 followers)
  4. Took the kids camping for the first time – and joined the Camping and Caravanning Club
  5. Worked on some interesting projects, including working with Facebook / LinkedIn and a re-branding exercise
  6. Undertook and (nearly) finished laying down new flooring in the house
  7. Unsuccessfully tried to sell the house and move somewhere bigger
  8. Did my first (and more than likely last) Best Man speech (I do have the video but am too embarrassed to share it)

So tchau to 2010 – I’ll remember you forever

On a barely related note, I read this over the holidays about NYE and found it not only funny but true to a T.


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