Facebook friendships as a world map

Some smart intern engineer at Facebook, Paul Butler, started playing around with members’ friendships and the overlapped it with their geolocation creating the image you see above.  It is a wonderfully simply illustration of how far-reaching and prevalent the social networking site is and where its communities sit.  It also shows where it is has not penetrated as much – Russia and China being the most glaring ‘omissions’ on the map.

Here is some excerpts from Paul’s blog about it:

To my relief, what I saw was roughly an outline of the world. Next I erased the dots and plotted lines between the points. After a few minutes of rendering, a big white blob appeared in the center of the map. Some of the outer edges of the blob vaguely resembled the continents.

Full a more spectacular high res version of the map, just click on the image above.

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