Santa IS a brand

Whilst most people don’t see it that way, Santa is arguably one of oldest and the most powerful brands in the world.  Just because there is no one company that actually licenses its image does not mean it is not a brand – after all a brand is the sum of perceptions and experiences of people.

If you want a brief history on Santa, you can check out Wikipedia here.

The powerful thing about Santa ‘brand’ is that there is one interpretation of the brand that always remains constant – someone who brings children presents.  However it is also democratic enough that it is open to everyone.  Similar to Andy Warhol’s quote, the great thing about Santa is that the UK Royal family (in Warhol’s original quote he mentioned, amongst others, the President of USA) cannot get a better Santa than you or I or the bum on the streets.

The brand has a HUGE pull despite adults losing their belief in Santa. Parents still play up to brand through their kids and their kids’ belief in Santa has a (high) economic impact on them – Britons are set to spend c.£50bn over Xmas this year.

The other proof-point for how strong the Santa brand is the sheer volume of Santa-based products, advertising campaigns, songs and films that are prevalent in the world.  The pull of the brand is enormous.

Below are the two scenes below is from a couple of my favourite Xmas films.  They both extend the Santa brand in different ways but are great and highly recommended.

The people at Quietroom have also developed a pdf of what Santa’s brand book could look like – have a look HERE.

So, here is a ‘Ho,Ho,Ho’ to the great white-bearded man and all his iterations.

Have a great Xmas!


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