Am I bovvered?

A lot has been made recently about the English about the fact that Russia and Qatar were awarded the 2018 and 2022 World Cups respectively instead of being given to ‘more deserving’ bids.  I, like most, am incredulous that a country that has some critical barriers to a great tournament (extreme religious beliefs and laws, inequality amongst the sexes and extreme temperatures) has been given it.  In the UK, the public was originally divided as to whether this was the fault of the media, although since Friday that has turned more into a ‘FIFA is corrupt’ stance.

I believe not getting it was a blessing in disguise for both England and Portugal/Spain.

1 – Neither country can afford it.  The Olympics have shown how good the English are at budget management, and the current financial troubles in the Eurozone show how both Portugal/Spain are great at living on credit but not much else.

2 – They payoff from holding this type of event is questionable – I’m doubtful if Portugal has yet broken even from hosting the European Championships in 2004

2 – You’re not associated it with it.  Imagine if either country had won it after the Panorama programme.  Do you really think people would’ve thought their victory was ‘clean’?

Yes, crying ‘Foul!’ now seems a bit like sour grapes but at least it gives everyone a bit of a distraction from the crap weather we’re having.


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