Brands I love 1 : We Built This City…

… on LEGO!!!

I love LEGO both as a product and as a brand.  I remember having a bucket of blocks that you just built.  There were sets but they weren’t as much fun.

I recently re-fell in love with it as I needed to amuse my eldest.  It’s so addictive just building it and we are slowly building up rather a big collection.

But taking a business view of the company, the reason it is great is that it’s core product hasn’t changed at all in over 40 years (in fact bricks from 40 years ago still link to new bricks – something very few companies can match) and the extensions they have made to the brand (Duplo, Legoland, retail shops, games and business consultancy) still all retain the essence of the brand which is all about creativity and exploration.

I certainly plan to continue to allow my kids to play with it and see what structures (good, bad and downright stupid) they can come up with.  Compared to video games where there is not ability to deviate from the confines of what has been programmed, LEGO allows you to just do whatever you want and see everything as a blank slate.  That is something that I hope my kids will learn from playing with it.

I did a little bit of digging around and found these rather incredible facts:

  • LEGO is abbreviated from ‘Leg godt’ which means ‘play well’
  • On average there are 62 bricks per person in the world!
  • There are nearly 103 MILLION ways to combine six LEGO bricks
  • Every year 6.5 BILLION hours are spent playing with LEGO

One of the amazing structures built with LEGO was a house for a programme for the BBC – below are videos of the programme

There are also some other pretty amazing LEGO builds

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next on the list for me is X-wing fighter from StarWars!

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